The Vitamix CIA Countertop Blender – Recommended and Used by Professionals

Tens of thousands of Chefs and foodservice experts can’t be wrong, they use Vitamix CIA Professional countertop blender and no other. There are now over thirty thousand professionals that have passed through the corridors of the Culinary Institute of America, and every one of them have been able to test the Vitamix CIA countertop blender, and lending the name of their prestigious institution to the Vitamix CIA countertop blender shows that this indeed is the blender of choice for the experts. Because they know, that by using the right equipment, you can make food taste better, look more appetizing, and make cooking much more enjoyable. In fact, the Vitamix CIA countertop blender can be found in many of the teaching kitchens and bakeshops of the Culinary Institute of America. You too can get the kind of help that the CIA gets from the Vitamix CIA countertop blender.

So why the Vitamix CIA countertop blender?

In one word, performance.

To make things clearer, Vitamix CIA countertop blender is chosen by most experienced professional chefs because it indeed outperforms all countertop blenders available today. And this appliance is able to do this for a number of reasons.

First, it is the most versatile countertop blender that you can find. Chop, blend, create, grind, churn, grate, and much more. The Vitamix CIA countertop blender is your ally in making soups, sauces, frozen treats, ice drinks, smoothies, shakes, fine grains and coffee, dips, the possibilities are endless. You can prepare fresh ingredients for your favorite dishes without having to break a sweat. And if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen counter top, then this all around kitchen appliance will be the best thing that will ever take space in your kitchen counter.

And how is the Vitamix CIA countertop blender able to do all of that? Because it has the power to do so. If your blender tends to overheat or breakdown when processing frozen, thick, or heavy ingredients, then it doesn’t have the power, the Vitamix CIA countertop blender does, all thanks to a 2 peak HP commercial grade motor that spins the one piece laser-cute razor sharp blade to 240 mph.

And this high quality performance don’t just perform when its new, it works like new for years and years to come. Because f the superior materials used, and the excellent engineering design, plus a metal-to-metal base to container connection, you get durable parts and construction that doesn’t easily break. And to put the cherry on the top, the solid construction is designed to provide a very appealing structure. Plus, the container is made from a sturdy clear polycarbonate that allows you to see inside and yet be strong enough to withstand the greatest pressure. And finally, the Vitamix CIA countertop blender is very easy to clean. By just placing warm water and a few drops of liquid dishwasher, you simply have to turn the machine on then rinse after.

This indeed is true value for your money. You get maximum performance that will last way beyond your expectations. And with a seven year warranty, you know that you have a fantastic blender on your counter top that you can always rely on.